I came across your page dedicated to those missing and gone but not forgotten...my sister Martha Lavonne BENTHIN-EVANSs went missing Feb.10,1990 from Knappa Oregon, clatsop co. she was last seen leaving a local store with 5 dollars in gas and nothing else, no purse , no clothes, no money., just her and her bridesmaid dress( she in a wedding earlier that day), and black leather short jacket.MARTY( WE CALLED HER, HAD SHORT-SHOULDER LENGTH BLACK HAIR BROWN EYES WAS 5'2" WEIGHED AROUND 110 LBS. SHE HAS 2 CHILDREN, AND WOULD HAVE NEVER LEFT THEM. SHE WAS DRIVING A BROWN 1984 FORD RANGER PICKUP, WHICH BELONGED TO MY BROTHER DON BENTHIN. TO TOWN,ASTORIA . BUT NEVER SHOWED AND WE NEVER SAW HER AGAIN